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Tools and Resources

Instructions for making an electronic payment on the MN or IRS websites: 

                 MN e-Services for Individuals- Tax return payments

                 MN e-Services for Individuals- Estimated tax payments

                 IRS Online payment system - Tax return payments

                 IRS Online payment system - Estimated tax payments

Download the following documents and open in Adobe Reader or similar program to access fillable pdf features.

              Minnesota Education Subtraction Factsheet

              Mortgage Interest Deduction Worksheet -fillable pdf

              2021 Questionnaire 

              2021 Engagement Letter

              New Client Organizer


              Click the image above to view the guide online, or view a pdf version here.

  • The IRS now uses a witholding estimator instead of a simple exemption system. First, complete the estimator, then use that information to complete an IRS Form W-4.
                   Witholding Estimator
                   IRS Form W-4   
                   WI Form WT-4
                   MN Form w-4
                   Form I-9
                   Form I-9 Instructions
                   Form I-9 Printable (Easier to open without Adobe)
                   Form W-9
                   More Forms
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                  Business Tax Tips 
                  Financial Tax Tips 
                  Tax Rates
                  Due Dates
                  Financial Tools
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