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Where is my organizer? Can I get it in paper?
We send out the tax organizers in January in one of two ways: Paper and an electronic version. We do our best to send you the type of organizer you have requested, but if for any reason you have not received an organizer, or if you would like a different version of the organizer, just give us a call.

What documents do I need?
Your organizer includes a list of the normal documents that are needed for your tax return. Click here for a copy of the list.

What is the 'engagement letter'?
It is our terms of service and must be signed prior to the preparation of your tax return.

Can I email you my information?
Email is not a secure way to send and receive sensitive information. We offer file exchange through your online account for safe and efficient sharing of documents. If you have trouble with the online account, you can also fax, mail or drop off your tax documents. Read More about E-mail security.

Can I pay online? 
We can send you an email invoice that allows you to pay online. 

Did my password change?
We do not change your password, but it will automatically expire after 3 months. For your convenience there is an option for you to reset your password through your email address. If you try this and are still locked out of your account, please call our office for assistance. 

If you did my taxes last year, can I get another copy?
If you have an online account you can always log in and print out a copy of your tax return. If you don’t have an account, please call our office to set one up. We can also coordinate with you to get you a paper copy if you are unable to use the online account. 

What is the online account? What are its benefits?
The online account is a secure method of communication between you and our office. Your completed tax returns can be posted there for your retrieval. You can also upload documents that we need in order to complete your returns.

Do I need an appointment?
If you are new to our office, we request that you set up a phone or video appointment so that we can get to know you and meet all of your needs. If you are a returning client you should generally drop off your information for preparation without an appointment. You may schedule an appoinment to go over your return when it is finished.

Should I wait to drop off until I have absolutely all of my documents, or just bring in most the information when it is convenient?
As a general rule, we would rather have most of your information early in the season rather than all of your information at the last minute. So, once you feel that you have the bulk of what you need, just bring in everything you have on hand (make sure to note what the missing items are). While we cannot finish your return until we have all of the information, it is easier to add the missing information when it comes than postpone all the steps of the process. It is also likely that we will identify additional information that we need from you after receiving your documents. It is important that we are able to identify these items while there is still time to finish the returns. 

Can I just call to ask a couple of questions while I prepare my own taxes?
No, for liability reasons, we cannot assist you while you prepare your own returns. If you would like hourly tax planning advice though, you may call and schedule an appointment between May 1st and Jan 1st.

Will I have to mail a paper copy of my return to the IRS?
If we prepare your returns, they will be electronically filed with the IRS, and you will not need to mail a copy. There are a few exceptions for amended returns and other special filings, but we will inform you of these situations.

Can you do tax returns for other countries?

Can you do returns for my children as well? Is there a discount for this?
We can normally do returns for your minor children and college students at a discounted rate, but the pricing of complicated returns will be subject to the preparer's discretion.

How late in the year do you take new clients?
We don’t have a strict cut-off date, but all clients who do not get their information to us before March 25th will automatically be put on extension.

If I can't pay my taxes, can I go on extension until I have the money?
An extension for your return is only an extension of time to file your return, not to pay your taxes. Whether or not you have an extension, the government will require your check to be postmarked by the 15th in order to avoid being late. If you need help with your tax liability you can ask your preparer about how to set up payment plans with the government.

Can I pay my tax bill online instead of sending a check? 

Yes, the federal government and many states (including MN and WI) have online bill pay options. You can generally use your bank account or a credit card.