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Existing Clients

Where is my organizer? Can I get it in paper?
We send out the tax organizers in January in one of two ways: Paper and an electronic version. We do our best to send you the type of organizer you have requested, but if for any reason you have not received an organizer, or if you would like a different version of the organizer, just give us a call.

Sending us your tax information electronically can be a great option for busy schedules, but there are a few things you can do to make the process safer and more efficient.

Never E-mail your tax forms or other sensitive information.  E-mail is not a secure form of communication, so while it is fine for simple questions or scheduling, it should not be used to send and receive tax forms that often include your social security number and other personal information. Read More about E-mail security. 

Use your Onvio Client Center account to add documents.  You can use this to send us all of your documents for tax preparation, or just to send additional documents as needed.

Request an upload link. This will allow you to upload documents without logging into your online account. We can also send one to someone else, like your financial planner, if you need them to upload something for you. The link only allows a person to upload information, not to view anything that is already uploaded. 

Check the quality of scanned items. Occasionally we receive documents that are not legible due to their image quality. Please check over your documents before you upload them and ensure that all of the numbers and letters are easy to see. The accuracy of your return is dependent upon us being able to read your forms.

We love to talk with our clients and answer your questions, but over the years we have found that meeting with you when you first bring in your documents is not very efficient. Instead, we focus our attention on reaching out during the preparation process and creating other opportunities to answer your questions and concerns. Along those lines, there are a few different methods of contact that you can choose. 

Drop-off or upload only: All clients are welcome to drop off, mail or upload their documents without an appointment. As we process your information we will reach out to you with any questions we have on your return. Feel free to include written questions with your documents and we will be sure to get in touch with you to answer the questions before your return is completed.  

Phone, video or in-person appointments: If you have changes from the year before and need to go over a couple things with us, you can schedule a phone call for shortly after you drop off or upload your documents. Otherwise, we will schedule this appoinment for after your return is done when the preparer can go over things with you more thouroughly and offer advice on any changes you should make going forward.

A brief explanation of the preparation process. Your return isn't just sitting in a drawer, it's running a marathon. We will contact you as soon as your return is finished. If it has been more than 3 weeks since you gave us your information and you haven't heard anything, feel free to give us a call or send an email to check to status.

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The questions we most often get from our existing clients.

Can I email you my information?

Email is not a secure way to send and receive sensitive information. We offer a secure online uploading option through your online account for safe and efficient sharing of documents. If you have trouble with the online account, you can also fax, mail or drop off your tax documents. Read More about E-mail security.

Should I wait to drop off until I have absolutely all my documents, or just bring in most of the information when it is convenient?
As a general rule, we would rather have most of your information early in the season rather than all of your information at the last minute. So, once you feel that you have the bulk of what you need, just bring in everything you have on hand (make sure to note what the missing items are). While we cannot finish your return until we have all of the information, it is easier to add the missing information when it comes than postpone all the steps of the process. It is also likely that we will identify additional information that we need from you after receiving your documents. It is important that we are able to identify these items while there is still time for you to get them to us.

If you did my taxes last year, can I get another copy?
If you have an online account you can always log in and print out a copy of your tax return. If you don’t have an account, please call our office to  set one up. We can also coordinate with you to get you a paper copy if you are unable to use the online account. 

Did my password change?
We do not change your password, but it will automatically expire after 3 months. For your convenience there is an option for you to reset your password through your email address. If you try this and are still locked out of your account, please call our office for assistance.